My homelab has grown large and convoluted over the years. Here’s a network diagram:

Hardware list:

  • Dell R710 – VMware 6.7
  • HP DL180se G6 (12-bay DL180) – FreeNAS
    • 6x 2TB, 6x 1TB
  • Dell PowerVault MD1000
    • 4x 1TB, 2x 1TB
  • Dell R510 – VMware 6.7
  • HP DC5800 – Ubuntu 16.04 Scanner Streamer
  • Cisco 3560-48PS 48-port, PoE, L3 Managed
    • Cisco RPS2300
  • Various Dahua/Axis cameras
  • Ubiquiti NanoHD and UAP-AC-Pro
  • FortiGate 50E
  • Calix 711GE Optical Network Terminal (ISP supplied, 100/50 fiber)
  • Eaton Powerware 9125 UPS
    • SNMP card installed
  • 5500 watt backup generator
  • Altronix SMP5 battery-backed 24VDC for router and ONT

Software List:

  • VSphere cluster with DRS and EVC
  • Active Directory with 2 DCs and one CA
  • Milestone XProtect
  • Game servers (Minecraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2)
  • Ubiquiti controller
  • Grafana/InfluxDB monitoring
  • Web server for internal apps
  • Plex
  • Bulk storage and backups

Wish list:

  • Full 10 gigabit networking for servers and my PC. I regularly hit network bottlenecks with my servers. It is most likely next on my list if I can find a decently priced switch that doesn’t drink power like it’s free.
  • Redundant flash write cache for ZFS, most likely will be over NVMe since my servers are SATA2
  • Full redundant power with a second UPS